Constellation Games errata

Constellation Games is a novel about space aliens and video games and love and programming. It contains some typos and errors; this page tracks them.

107, 126 et al. The plural of "Auslander" is "Ausländer", not "Auslanders". In fact, "Ausländer" should be spelled with an umlaut even when singular.
326 You'll Only See Kis Shadow! was the character's name in an earlier draft. In the final draft, kis name is You'll Only see Kis Echo!.
43, 329 "Occluded" should be "occulted". The game Occluded Occlusion should be called Occulted Occultation. However, "occlusions" on page 100 is correct.
359 Two of the names in the Acknowledgements are misspelled. "N.K. Jemisen" is actually N.K. Jemisin, and "Beth Lermon" is actually Beth Lerman.

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